Welcome to Creativity Boost, a collection of "energizers" (activities / exercises / open-to-interpretation) to help get your creativity flowing! (And kudos to you if you read this entire page.)

I created this collection to help me:

  • think outside the box
  • force myself to break away from my stuck thing and think about something else
  • free my mind
  • get my brain into "creating" (vs "consuming") mode
  • have fun when I'm bored

Most of these activities would work for me. (I haven't tried all of them yet, though.) They may or may not work for you. But it won't hurt to try.

Below is a bit more about the story behind this website.


It all started with boredom, inefficiency, and what I like to call "brain fog".

Poor, Cluttered Brain

There are times when I have energy — I know I do — but I can't work. It's as if there are roadblocks in my mind, trying to prevent my thoughts from going where I need them to go.

Sometimes, it's because my mind is in "cram mode", cluttered with math and physics equations as I prepare for my next exam.

Other times, it just happens. Maybe I overworked myself, or . . . or maybe I'm just stuck.

I'll bet this has happened to you at some point.


Truth be told, there are times when I'm so tired I know I can't do any more. When that happens, I go off and take a break. (Or not. I have some weird tendency to try to be 100% efficient and productive 24/7.)

So on that note, I don't think Creativity Boost will work when you're just plain tired.